Papa Johns Cards

papa johns cards

Papa Johns Cards are your ticket to holding the easiest and most profitable fundraiser that your school, group or organization has ever had. These fundraising cards are so successful because they offer unbeatable deals for a well-known, quality product that people love. In addition to our full line of fundraising cards, these pizza cards allow your group to generate funding quickly, while at the same time offering a high-value product to the people in your community.

These pizza cards scream awesomeness from front to back. The front of the card features a quality pizza graphic that will make your mouth water, branded with the name of your group.

The back of the Papa Johns cards normally offer two different exclusive deals. The first offer is a scratch off deal for a free large pizza. No purchase necessary; just take the card into your local Papa Johns and walk out with a fresh, hot pie. The second offer is a BOGO deal that allows you to walk in and buy 1 large pizza and receive a second large pizza of equal value for free.

Though the free pizza deal is just a one-time use, your customers will practically make their money back by just using that (and at the same time donating the money to help your group). It’s a win/win. But as the icing on the cake (or maybe the pepperoni on the pizza), the BOGO offer is redeemable every single day for an entire year.

This card is makes fundraising as easy as it can get. The cards practically sell themselves. If you can find a person who likes pizza, then you can find a buyer for your fundraising card. And honestly, who doesn’t like pizza?

EMI has been helping groups like yours exceed their fundraising goals for over 18 years and we look forward to the oppotunity to help your group earn some fast profits on this great product. We have great relationships with corporate Papa Johns all over the country and all discounts are subject to the discretion and approval of Papa Johns. Papa Johns is a registered trademark of Papa Johns Inc. Please call us at 800-711-3200 to get your Papa Johns Cards fundraiser scheduled today! Have a great 2014!

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